Case study on data visualization of mirror status

Data visualization of mirror status

Existing graph of mirror status

Existing graph of mirror status

Seems you couldn’t understand the above graph? Yep, this is the problem with existing design. Very hard to interpret & a layman can’t understand it. I setup few goals to overcome the drawbacks of this representation.


  1. Make it simple to understand,
  2. Represent mirror states clearly,
  3. Highlight bad mirrors as they are most important to identify,
  4. Emphasize the outliers in graph.

Version 1

Version 1 of mirror status

After working for few hours I came up with this design. It shows clear axis and various states of mirrors but I failed to represent the bad mirrors and outliers with more emphasis.

Version 2

Version 2 of mirror status

I used bubble chart to visualize the data as they represent outliers well. But it looks too much and not simple. More over it doesn’t represent zero values clearly.

Final Version 3

Version 3 of mirror status

Finally I came up with the above simple and straight forward design. It worked well and met all the requirements.

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