Case study of my logo design

Though I’m not a graphic or branding designer, I had decided to design my own logo using my basic design knowledge. Here I present my logo design case study…

Final Logo preview

1. Setting up guidelines

I started by setting few goals, which guided me in the process of creation.

2. Sketching ideas

Sketching of logo ideas Refining the idea

3. Designing the logo

After few hours of brainstorming, I picked the above sketch. It is the first letter of my name which is formed by geometric shapes: circle, rectangle & triangle.

I added a small triangle on the ascender of letter ‘ b’, which represents pencil, a symbol of creativity & design.

Refined logo with measurements

4. Refining the logo

I thought to differentiate my logo since few brand logos are similar to my design. I used colors to convey passion. I decided to incorporate 3 primary colors in my logo as they are the base for all colours & looks colourful.

Colours of logo

First I picked red to convey the passion and used it for most of the part. I used 60-30-10 rule approximately for incorporating the remaining 2 colours.

This is how my final logo evolved.

Final logo

I neglected few things like different sizes, print version because I’m just going to use this logo in my website. So for my requirements this version suits better.

000webhost logo